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Great art and design are a reflection of passion and purpose in life. Our purpose is helping people to find that brilliance with media creativity, design and storytelling. Monod Art & Design makes every great design or work of art an even better story for people to share.


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Our motto is “Never stop exploring.” Where would we be without people who coach is to be more than we think we are or push us to go beyond our wildest dreams. Across the sea of space, the stars are other suns. We want to explore and make history with our clients.


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Building with compelling content and pairing that with great design is what we like to do best. Flowing this out with branding from logo to touch point is a meaningful exploration. We offer great customer service, social and digital experience, web design, graphic design, marketing, communications and custom fine art.


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Where to begin with a portfolio of art that spans 30 years is a challenge. In the last few years Tina Monod has been producing art and exhibiting her paintings throughout Canada. Redesign for this website involved exploring a nice clean masonry layout where images are assembled closely to one another in a colourful and vibrant grid. Our deepest intent with this web redesign was to explore a unity of all talents combined, while helping to promote recent art created from Monod’s Okanagan origins. The results are vibrant in nature!


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When we dream we creative with designs to enhance, and art to fill the senses. Our paintings are vibrant in nature, to tell the story of a memorable place and a vivid memory. Inspiration may be found with a walk, visits and travels. What begins with a digital image from the iPhone camera and ends with emotion on a brush. We love what we do and it shows in this recent EAST Magazine feature.

Tina Monod’s Emotion on a Brush


Helping your brand be memorable, versatile and irresistable, sharing with a difference on multiple platforms and channels


Responsive and mobile ready user interface, web design, web graphic design, online advertising and social media design


Design that uniquely speaks with a visual language of its own. A concept that will extend the corporate image and stand the test of time.

Print Design

Flowing out promotions, brochures, stationary, business cards, postcards, note cards, posters and print magazines with flair.

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If every design took you on a journey, you would need a guide similar to a web guru. A resource with the expertise to anticipate changes in the technology, while keeping everything finely tuned. Here at Monod Art & Design we like to view our role as that of a “digital sherpa” offering you wisdom from years of experience, plus a special kind of talent, letting you know “we’ve got this!” A smooth adventure with exciting challenges. We can offer you that peace of mind, with every step.

Adding a measure of comfort with every idea we build upon

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Following our hearts, doing work that we love, will draw out our most noble qualities and become our most valuable gift to the world in which we live. Make Each Day Your Masterpiece, by Michael Lynberg.

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Creators and Explorers

Recently we were invited to instruct children between the ages of 2-4 with their parents/caregivers in a setting of family collaboration. Programming spanned 8 weeks and was designed around the four seasons with nature as the constant theme. All the lessons were carefully crafted to appeal to both adult and child learning. Our weekly art instruction exceeded expectations and overall was a great success!

Lessons with Laughter

A short while ago we embarked on a brief journey to learn more about the creativity in our community. The time was right for giving and nurturing with people who love art very much and enjoy making it part of their day at the local Abilities Centre. We decided to volunteer our time helping others in their enjoyment of making art and mastering creative adventures.

When Art and Community Work Together

We are so grateful for the positive feedback our art received throughout the night. Thank you County Town friends, you know who you are! It was such a pleasure. Most importantly Thank you to the Town of Whitby for an unforgettable “Night Out on the Town” of fun and fundraising!


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