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At Monod Art & Design our purpose is helping people find that brilliance with visual storytelling. Tina Monod makes design a work of art and an even better story for people to share. Great art is a reflection of passion and purpose in life.


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Our motto is “Never stop exploring.” Where would we be without people who coach us to be more than we think we are, or push us to go beyond our wildest dreams. Across the sea of space, the stars are other suns. We want to explore and occasionally make history!


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Building with compelling content and pairing that with great art is what we like to do best. Flowing this out with brushwork from image to touch point is a meaningful exploration. We offer great service & Canadian landscape art which is wonderfully collectible.


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Tina Monod produces art with acrylic paint and exhibits her work throughout Canada. Our deepest intent with this portfolio was to reveal a unity of all talents combined. This online presence helps to promote Monod’s Canadian landscapes, nature and portrait paintings. The results are vibrant in nature!

monod macbook - canadian landscape paintings by tina monod - wilderness expressions series

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When we dream we create  to enhance, with art to fill the senses. Our paintings are vibrant in nature, to tell the story of a memorable place or a vivid memory. Inspiration may be found with a walk, visits and travels. What begins with a digital image from the iPhone camera and ends with emotion on a brush. We love what we do and it shows in this recent EAST Magazine feature.

Tina Monod’s Emotion on a Brush

Landscape Paintings
Sunflower Art
Art Commissions
Personal Portraits
monod macbook - above the clouds painting by tina monod - wilderness expressions series
MONOD macbook - Above the Clouds Painting by Tina Monod - Wilderness Expressions series

Combining the best

Perfect elements
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If every work of art took you on a journey, you would need a guide similar to a guru. A resource with the expertise to anticipate changes, while keeping everything finely tuned. Here at Monod Art & Design we like to view our role as that of a “sherpa” offering you wisdom from years of experience, plus a special kind of talent, letting you know “we’ve got this!” A smooth adventure with exciting challenges. We can offer you that peace of mind, with every step.

Making history

In the Media
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Interview with EAST of the City

Tina Monod's Emotion on a Brush - our interview with East of the City Magazine Issue 2, Spring, 2015. Story by Amanda Walsh and photographs by Jason Chow Photography. Produced by Metroland Media.

A Year in Modern Dog

Modern Dog is the lifestyle magazine for dogs and their companions. From 2014 to 2015, it was a pleasure to be featured in their print publications and part of a thriving industry of people who love and respect their pets. Along with creating print ads and banners for their online market place our art and design was featured online in their "FAVE Finds" reviews.


By Tina Monod

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