Contemporary Canadian Art

At Monod Art & Design we create in a way that freshens and brings new life, with every project. Our purpose is helping people to find that brilliance with colour and creativity, digital designing and storytelling. Tina Monod makes every design in nature, a work of art.

Come with us on a journey where the landscapes of Canada are explored with vibrancy. Our motto is to “never stop exploring.” We enjoy painting the stories of mountains, oceans, and valleys.

We also share a passion for digital media and design. Embracing what is social, sharing marketing and communications throughout many channels. Designing, writing, and fundraising. We can help you and your brand in ways that are vibrant and compelling.

Current Art Exhibition

vintages of the county acrylic paintings by tina monod at hubbs creek vineyard
Vintages of the County acrylic paintings by Tina Monod at Hubbs Creek Vineyard