Artist Statement

Contemporary Canadian Artist

Here is my artist statement.

Recently my art has been about the landscapes of Western Canada. Every painting begins with a journey. Walks and hikes lead to photographing nature and sketching a composition. What is unique about my process is how I create a series, using storyboards with thumbnails for greater flow. From there I connect the visual elements with words, assigning titles and content. Themes are often chosen to match the location or region. Inspiration comes from the journeys and adventures. Landmarks and history trails become the details in the paintings. My goal is to create a transcendent experience through art and mountain culture. The results are uniquely and boldly beautiful.

This connection to art and the outdoors has been life long. I began early in life with sketching and painting watercolours like my grandfather. After receiving a fine arts degree, I worked towards obtaining a diploma in digital design. Soon I was building websites for the technology industry and managing large projects. This lead to training teams in blogging and social media consulting. I enjoy fuelling the interface with creativity, art and design.

Visual storytelling is an important part of my work. Painting, teaching, blogging, social media, photography and design are often part of my creative process. I work mainly with acrylics and gallery wrapped canvas. Sometimes I will choose gallery wood panel for a smoother look. My style is one of expressionism and impressionism. I enjoy building strong compositions and reflect light in a vibrant way. There is always a wind in both my travels and art. This movement appears in the brushwork adding excitement and energy. My work is complete when all the layers are in place and the painting exudes passion! Travellers and adventurers who collect my paintings are people who enjoy connecting with nature.