Artist Statement

Boldly beautiful, vibrant in nature

Those who enjoy my artwork know that when adventure calls, there is no greater place to be than on a journey. What begins on foot with the west coast trails in British Columbia; panoramic views of the Okanagan; and well travelled hiking trails around Banff and Jasper never stops inspiring. When rendering mountains and valleys I am tracing the graceful lines of ascent and descent. Water has also been a strong element in my work reflecting the wild beauty of surroundings in a strong and peaceful way. People are drawn to my fluid style of expressionism and impressionism, appreciating the mountain forms, water and sky unfold. This is the emotion on my brush.

Most of my artwork involves the medium of acrylic paint on gallery canvas. Sometimes I paint onto black gessoed wood panels to paint the night stars, from darkness into the light. What makes my work unique are the many colour glazings which I create for colour harmony. It often takes about 8 layers of colour glazes, to render the light and atmosphere of a scene. Altitude also has an impact on how I will organize and layer all the elements.

Personal Journeys are an important part of my work. From the west coast to the Canadian Rockies, every path I explore is a traverse into the unknown. There is a progression with both exploring and adventuring that is a true joy to photograph and capture with paint. I am a storyteller and enjoy producing visual stories in living colour. Versatile in painting with oils and watercolors, I borrow many of these techniques to make my acrylic paintings fresh and full of energy. Each original work of art I produce gives an expressive impression of nature. I am most at home exploring the beauty of the outdoors and the unforgettable landscapes of Canada!

One might say that a wise sherpa is in every original work of art that I have signed and varnished. Both my intrigue and interest for painting landscapes was encouraged at an early age, thanks to my grandfather Jack A. Monod and dear family friend Edward Goodall. Both watercolorists influenced how I see light and capture special moments. To this day I begin with an inner snapshot, which grows into several sketches and becomes an even greater story. When a painting is completed there is a visual record and a tale worthy of telling around a campfire.