Bedwell Harbour – Pender Island, British Columbia

All is sleeping under the cosmos. A perfect order is traced in the patterns of heavenly bodies and charted star clusters. Bedwell Harbour is a beautiful place to take in both astronomy and marine harmony. What an amazing day it has been. Harbour seals swam with us everywhere. Now and then they would break the surface of the water and share their thoughtful faces. Softly they appear and even their whiskers do not ripple the water. We have also enjoyed watching a baby loon ride safely on its mother’s back. Together their feathered water taxi navigated all with grace. Sea otters in their slumber holding paws and floating in their connected way delighted us also.

Summertime on Pender Island is forever magical and the perfect remote place for observing the millions of little stars. Each in their sparkle make up this glowing, sky of luminosity. On this beautiful evening I am counting a trillion stars, collecting as many as I can in my mind’s eye for this painting… which at long last has come into being. Nature has made me a star catcher and only when I have filled my soul with stars will I sleep the best of all sleeps, dreaming deep into a soft, soft night. Stars are always in the process of becoming. They hold years and years of galaxy secrets. How beautiful this is when you really think about it.

2016 bright into the night by tina monod - acrylic on wood panel 24x24x2
BRIGHT INTO THE NIGHT by Tina Monod, Acrylic on Wood Panel 24x24x2″

Wilderness Expressions

Wilderness Expressions is a star filled collection painted with acrylics onto black gallery wood panels. Each painting is 24×24″ with a depth of 2″ and a polished black edge ready for hanging. These nocturne paintings explore some of the most beautiful and remote trails in Canada. Each image of the west coast and Okanagan Valley explores the lakes, oceans and wide open spaces of British Columbia. This series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod also adventures into the majestic mountains of Banff and Jasper, Alberta.

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