Nitinat Lake – Cowichan Valley, British Columbia

Like a torch in the night, this campfire illuminates the beauty of the Nitinat River Provincial Park. This image is the first painting in a new series called the “Wilderness Expressions”. Come sit around the fire’s glow overlooking the lake and listen to this boldly beautiful collection of adventures. I’d love to hear about yours also. The journey into this Pacific Rim National Park Reserve was physically challenging and extremely rewarding. Back in the day, we planed 6 foot waves in a canoe and portaged without bridges or boardwalks. The scenery was spectacular, especially when walking across a log just 30 feet above the forest canopy carrying our canoes. Needless to say we fell in love with the West Coast Trail (WCT).

Sometimes memories of this coastal wilderness come back to find me curious and eager to return and explore much more as it was such a great experience. There were lots of fun things to do like climbing, diving off the cliffs and enjoying the relaxing cool water. We even built a sweat lodge that worked on a 3 body rotation. On our last night we opened a bottle of red wine to enjoy with a dinner of stroganoff. There was even a home made cheese cake baked in the sand by the fire pit. We paddled a bit afterwards in our canoes and then laid down flat drifting along the quiet waters. There can be no greater feeling of peace than when buoyant, weightless and invisible in the indigo darkness surrounded by the reflections of stars and gazing into the heavens above.

As a painter, my brush is telling the stories. Fluid in my process, I will come back to this circle of fire when the last painting is done.

2016 campfire sings by tina monod - acrylic on wood panel 24x24x2
CAMPFIRE SINGS by Tina Monod, Acrylic on Wood Panel 24x24x2″

Wilderness Expressions

Wilderness Expressions is a star filled collection painted with acrylics onto black gallery wood panels. Each painting is 24×24″ with a depth of 2″ and a polished black edge ready for hanging. These nocturne paintings explore some of the most beautiful and remote trails in Canada. Each image of the west coast and Okanagan Valley explores the lakes, oceans and wide open spaces of British Columbia. This series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod also adventures into the majestic mountains of Banff and Jasper, Alberta.

Next in this colourful archive is “Bright Into the Night