Fresh from the Vineyard of Hubbs Creek

Vintages of the County, Wine Art Much of my art happens serendipitously. It is in the sharing of dreams that something magical happens. One day, I felt this very spark on my visit to Hubbs Creek Vineyard. It was springtime, and the vines were blooming in all their greenery. A light mist veiled the County […]

Vineyards and Wineries

Colours you can taste Vineyards are amazing places. They stand the test of time, forever defying the elements. They weather the seasons and achieve balance. Eventually, we pour them into a glass and they fill the senses. Some experiences in life are so rich and fantastic that we wish they could all be bottled. A […]

On the Vine

West Kelowna, B.C. – Okanagan Deep in the heart of the Okanagan, fruits and grape vines grow in harmony. West Kelowna is home to several wineries. There is a beautiful abundance here on the vine. The growing season is full of gorgeous colours. Late September is an exciting time for visitors seeking sunshine and wine. […]