Art Commissions

At Monod Art & Design we enjoy creating commissions for customers. It is always nice to collaborate and create original works of art with special sentiment. The best way to begin a commission is to make yourself familiar with our portfolio, painting style and colour palette. Please visit our complete collection of artwork by Tina Monod. There may already be a painting in inventory that gives you the look and feel you desire in a commission. Maybe even be an archived painting to simply serve as inspiration for something custom. Either way you will find many examples of what we can do for future commissions.

Digital Submission

Please email me 2 or 3 sharp, clear photo(s) in jpeg format. By sending the photos customer is confirming that he/she either owns the copyright to these or that they have gained permission or license from the copyright owner to grant the artist. Artist will have permission to use these image/s for sharing in various social media channels and on website for an indefinite period of time.

Creative Brief

Upon receiving the photos, artist will draw up and share the next steps of the project and offer helpful suggestions where needed. This document will serve to create a shared vision and workflow that is mutually agreed upon.

Scope of Work

Document will be drawn up detailing the value of materials, estimated time and hours. This will include a breakdown of payments as required:
– Initial Payment of 50% plus tax due to commence with project.
– $100 hourly rate plus tax for any work beyond Scope of Work.
– Final payment of 50% plus tax due upon painting completion.

Creative Work

Studio Time

– Q&A with be sent to customer to build upon the visual idea or theme.
– A layout sketch will be created and digital proof shared for approval.
– Layout sketch will allow for up to 3 revisions.
– Any work beyond the scope will be discussed at artist’s hourly rate.

Approval Stages

– Creative Brief
– Scope of Work
– Layout sketch
– Painting completion


– Customer will arrange for pick up of their newly commissioned art.
– Final painting will come with a certificate of authenticity.
– If shipping is required, customer will cover all shipping materials, labor and costs.


If artwork is returned undamaged seven days after delivery, a full refund of the price of the artwork will be issued. Monod Art & Design is not responsible if the merchandise you return gets lost or damaged in the mail. All shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so that all customers are happy with their purchase.