Ancient Forests of Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Listen to the wind whistling through the forests of Yoho National Park. See the leaves catch the light and watch it filter down through the mountains to the subalpine valley below. Much is concealed by this pale green and gold canopy. Here in the park Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, western red cedar, hemlock, Engelmann spruce, larch and subalpine fir trees all thrive at various elevations. A radiance of many colours grows here.

Branches of silver white bark reach out from the foliage with a rainbow sheen. The leaves create a golden landscape. Rain drops glisten in a metallic, reflective way. They shower the moss covering rocky slopes and shale. Tall blue and green spruce trees soak in the moisture. In this rich habitat their branches grow outwards reaching for the sunlight. Every day in this short growing season the trees become stronger, older and more firmly rooted.

The terrain is rugged and tells many tales of time, with fossils going back 500 million years. More than 200 bird species are recorded within the park each year, living deep within the ancient forests. My brushes explore the opulent light and vibrant life here. I work quickly to capture the essence of this beauty in nature, so full of renewal.

journey into radiance by tina monod - acrylic on gallery canvas 24x24x1.5
“Journey Into Radiance” © Tina Monod, Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 24x24x1.5″

Mapping the Great Divide

Mapping the Great Divide is a collection of landscapes painted with acrylics onto gallery canvas. Paintings are 24×24″ and 16×20″ with a depth of 1.5″ and a painted edge, ready for hanging. These paintings explore some of Canada’s most beautiful national parks and Unesco world heritage sites. Each mountain image explores the Canadian Rockies from Revelstoke and Yoho National Parks, in British Columbia… to Banff National Park, Alberta. This series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod is about mountain culture, elevation and the beauty of mountains in Canada.

Cloud Forest

Reaching Elevation

Aspen Glow

Luminescent Divide

Alpine Illumine

Guided Grandeur

Prismatic Pass

Palliser Trail

Odaray Mountain Light

First Snowfall