Wapta Lake – Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Cathedral Mountain glows brightly, even from its peak as the sun begins to set. Snow in the upper elevations is luminescent. The glacier is beautiful and the surrounding area so scenic. Clouds unfurl and begin to settle around the summit for the night. They uniquely reflect part of this brightness creating a spectacular evening sky. This place is ideal for stargazing.

Cathedral is magical in the pink light. Dusk softens the vibrant colours and surroundings with deeper shadowed greens and violet shades. The upper valley, larch meadow and plateau are lovely. This is the Great Divide! Wapta Lake sparkles and adds a charm to this impressive view. The glacial lake is formed from Cataract Brook and Blue Creek in Yoho National Park, and is the source of the Kicking Horse River. The word Wapta means “running water” in the Cree language (Stoney Indian).

My brushes ascend and descend adding last light to the landmarks, which are about to sink into the velvety shadows. There is a true feeling of freedom here, reaching upwards into the sky. The waves below are playful in their motion. Movement is an important energy in this painting. Not only does it connect to the energy of this beautiful landscape, it links all the elements with a nice rhythm. Green blue glacier colours of the rockies tell us that we are at the continental divide, between Alberta and British Columbia. This area has been an important leg in many journeys, throughout my life.

luminescent divide by tina monod - acrylic on gallery canvas 24x24x1.5
“Luminescent Divide” © Tina Monod, Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 24x24x1.5″

Mapping the Great Divide

Mapping the Great Divide is a collection of landscapes painted with acrylics onto gallery canvas. Paintings are 24×24″ and 16×20″ with a depth of 1.5″ and a painted edge, ready for hanging. These paintings explore some of Canada’s most beautiful national parks and Unesco world heritage sites. Each mountain image explores the Canadian Rockies from Revelstoke and Yoho National Parks, in British Columbia… to Banff National Park, Alberta. This series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod is about mountain culture, elevation and the beauty of mountains in Canada.

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Reaching Elevation

Aspen Glow

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