Western Canadian Landscapes

These paintings of the great continental divide are both a mapping and a collection of Canadian Landscapes. Painted with acrylics on to gallery canvas 24×24″ and 16×20″ with a depth of 1.5″, each painting has a painted edge of warm earth tone and is ready for hanging. These paintings explore some of Canada’s most beautiful national parks and Unesco world heritage sites. Each mountain image explores the Canadian Rockies from Revelstoke and Yoho National Parks, in British Columbia… to Banff National Park, Alberta. This series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod is about mountain culture, elevation and the beauty of mountains in Canada.

In total there are 11 images in this series. Already these are embracing the change of seasons and the beautiful colours which make the early falling snow, budding trees, colourful leaves and distant skies appear warm or cooler. Currently Mount Revelstoke and Yoho National Parks are part of the series; as well as the area between Lake Louise and Banff National Park.

Climbing mountains and painting mountains is an important part of this series. In life we climb many mountains, set goals, achieve them and then look back on just how far we have come. I hope that as you climb these mountains, you will gain a sense of beauty and elevation which makes living in Canada and exploring Canada’s majestic national parks such a joy.

Mapping the Great Divide

Cloud Forest

Reaching Elevation

Aspen Glow

Luminescent Divide

Journey Into Radiance

Alpine Illumine

Guided Grandeur

Prismatic Pass

Palliser Trail

Odaray Mountain Light

First Snowfall

mapping the great divide painting series by tina monod - 3
Mapping the Great Divide painting series by Tina Monod