Cascade Amphitheatre – Banff National Park, Alberta

Sometimes all you need is a little elevation to get away from it all. Hikes like this one unfold with many layers of beauty. There is no greater feeling than a mountain high, which comes from pushing onwards, climbing higher and trusting in the trail ahead of you.

Hiking up from the Mount Norquay ski area and crossing the bridge at Forty Mile Creek takes one into a magically forested area of tall spruce and narrow lodgepole pines. The reward after zigzagging many switchbacks is to enter a totally natural, unique glacier-made amphitheatre. The limestone cliffs and geology are pretty dated and from them one gets a sense of the glaciers long ago.

There is something calming in the way that the mountain encloses and shelters all. Such a lovely alpine view of the sky and stars in this quiet part of the Canadian Rockies. This is a painting of tranquility, found in a glacial amphitheatre.

2016 mountain high by tina monod - acrylic on wood panel 24x24x2
MOUNTAIN HIGH by Tina Monod, Acrylic on Wood Panel 24x24x2″

Wilderness Expressions

Wilderness Expressions is a star filled collection painted with acrylics onto black gallery wood panels. Each painting is 24×24″ with a depth of 2″ and a polished black edge ready for hanging. These nocturne paintings explore some of the most beautiful and remote trails in Canada. Each image of the west coast and Okanagan Valley explores the lakes, oceans and wide open spaces of British Columbia. This series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod also adventures into the majestic mountains of Banff and Jasper, Alberta.

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