Beautiful Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta

A new page in the sketch book, called True Clarity! Today this sketch has grown into a painting about harmony with all the elements. Lake Louise is a shining diamond with the sun dancing on the water’s surface. Small waves reflect the light and send it into many directions. It is these angles of light which make all the colours so amazing.

While painting this cherished destination it has been my goal to reveal a true clarity within nature. Snow on the mountains is pristine with an abundance of green moss and rich forests. Water is clear, cool and crystal. One can almost see the bottom of the lake’s basin. Cooler colours accentuate the depth and bracing, icy temperatures. Sharp breezes play in the crisp mountain air.

This is a place for breathing in beauty. There is a dynamic play of light and the effect is one of infinite energy. A paynes gray underpainting and edge help to create a neutral base for the reflective violets, elemental blues, soft turquoise and emerald hues. The sky, is like a billowing fabric that you can push through. A landscape which captures anticipation and emotion uniquely like a special book in a collection of summer reading, which may be read again and again.

true clarity © tina monod, acrylic on gallery canvas 36x36x1.75
“True Clarity” © Tina Monod, Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 36x36x1.75″
true clarity by tina monod - acrylic on gallery canvas 36x36x1.5

Sentimental Journeys

Sentimental Journeys is a collection of alpine landscapes painted with acrylics on to gallery wrapped canvas. Paintings are 24×24″ and 36×36″ with a depth of 1.5 – 1.75″ and a granite gray painted edge, ready for hanging. These paintings explore trails, both nostalgic and new. Their locations will forever be sentimental and special. This landscape series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod is about the beauty close and far, near and within Banff National Park and surrounding areas.