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At Monod Art & Design we create art that freshens and brings wall spaces new life. Our purpose is helping people to find that brilliance with colour and creativity, design and storytelling. Monod Art & Design makes every design in nature, a work of art. 


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Rediscover Canadian Landscape Art

Our work is “vibrant in nature”.

Come with us on a journey where the landscapes of Canada are explored with vibrance. Our motto is to “never stop exploring.” We enjoy painting the stories of mountains, oceans and valleys. Let’s begin with the ancient forests on the west coast of British Columbia and travel up through the upper elevations of Canada’s national parks. From the Okanagan to Banff, and Jasper we will discover old trails and create new ones. All the while, observing a flow of brushwork that is abundant, purposeful in energy and movement. Bliss itself!

Available Art

Artwork, a complete portfolio



Explore Canada

Where would we be without wise sherpas who coach and push us beyond our wildest dreams. Across the sea of space, stars and other suns we want to explore it all and occasionally make history with colourful art. Our work is “boldly beautiful” and that is the emotion on our brush!

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Artist Tina Monod was born in Kelowna, British Columbia. Tina has always been passionate about painting beautiful places. She spends her time with art and design in Whitby, Ontario mainly painting Canadian landscapes. Tina received a BFA in Visual Arts from University of Victoria and a diploma in digital media and design, awarded with creative excellence and honours. Digital Photography and travel are a big part of her inspiration and process. She is always discovering mountains and valleys, or visiting oceans and rivers for her paintings. Her style is one of both impressionism and expressionism in brushwork and palette.

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photo of artist tina monod, monod art and design - photograph by jason chow photography
photo of Tina Monod by Jason Chow Photography


Cloud Forest

Between Banff and Lake Louise – Banff National Park, Alberta Clouds fill the top of the trees and create their own light filled ambience. The aspen trees weave shapes with their branches in and out from the blue mountains of Banff and beyond. There is an abundance of life throughout the trails here. Red and …

Reaching Elevation

Sawback Range – Banff National Park, Alberta Following the direction of aspen tree branches, my brushes trace the soft aqua green forest canopy. Mossy greens blend into the background of conifers, new and old growth. In this gathering of Banff nature, wilderness and trees there is a wonderful blue light. Beautiful aspens stand like totems …


Acrylic Paintings

A complete portfolio of artwork by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod with recent art from the mountains of Canada’s national parks. “Mapping the Great Divide” is a growing collection of paintings which depict a journey through Mount Revelstoke National Park, Golden, Field and Yoho National Park in British Columbia. This series will also include Banff National Park.

Archived Artwork

Wilderness Expressions

A series of unique nocturne landscape paintings called “Wilderness Expressions.” A Canadian landscape series all about the beauty of the night sky with infinite stars to wish upon. Each painting is created on a black gessoed gallery wood panel with a nice depth and polished black edge. These explorations are about her adventures on the west coast, working her way through the Okanagan, Banff and Jasper, Alberta.