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Art by Tina Monod is taking shape with vineyards and wineries, forests and mountain landscapes. Her painting collections celebrate the beauty of Canada. In less than one year Tina has captured the beauty of the Okanagan Valley, Banff National Park, Mount Revelstoke National Park, Yoho National Park and Prince Edward County.

What began with a love for painting has grown beyond the studio and out into the fresh air. These are the wonderful destinations and remote spaces that fill her canvases. Every landmark painted has a history trail and a story written and blogged. Her art is more than just personal expression. When Monod creates, it is from places she has explored, sketched and photographed. Each painting is a journey that she has recently made into the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Her style of expressionism is a souvenir of Canada, the true north.

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Canadian Landscape Art

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