Canadian Artist Tina Monod in Arabella Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue

canadian artist tina monod in arabella magazine’s 10th anniversary Issue - page 236 - 2018

A Canadian Artist To Collect

ARABELLA Magazine has arrived in the mail and at my front door. It was a nice surprise to find that the latest issue in the bookstores, celebrates this publication’s 10th-Anniversary! The beautiful cover stock beckoned with glossy and sleek pages waiting to be turned. I realized then that this project has carried me on a wonderful journey into loving Canadian art and culture. For almost 3 years I have dreamt of this day and now… here it is! This issue so full of art and design is just so amazing!!

When I first contacted ARABELLA Magazine, I was eager to get a better sense of the work they have done with other artists. Also from a storytelling perspective, I was searching for new meaning in my work. I became very interested in their writing and what we might accomplish together.

Sharing a love of art and storytelling with a larger audience was my goal. Connecting with Debra Usher took some time. Eventually, the time was right and she rang me up from her office in New Brunswick. A beagle barking in the background made me laugh. I asked about the dog and Debra jokingly said that she has several dogs. There was great joy in her voice when she said: “there have always been dogs and there will always be dogs!” This alone warmed my heart.

As my story grew, we spoke about many things that are noteworthy in my work and things that are important to focus on. At the time I was dealing with an injury and found it hard to stand for long periods of time at the easel. Debra mentioned that when painting a landscape one must always paint a way in and a paint way out. This allows the elements of a landscape to naturally unfold.

Focusing on this alone made it easier to paint difficult scenery and with this shift came a positive alignment. I forgot about the landscape challenging me and I stopped worrying about physical pain. Soon I was painting ascents and descents without hesitation. I was climbing my mountains and healing, to enjoy all the things that matter the most.

canadian artist tina monod in arabella magazine’s 10th anniversary Issue - page 251 and 252 - 2018
Canadian Artist Tina Monod in ARABELLA Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue pages 251 and 252 – Vol. 11, Issue 1, 2018

Reaching Elevation

From this moment on, the decisions I made as an artist began to change and take shape with new awareness. I began seeing myself in a timeline of my own creation shaped by choices. My personal relationships with friends and family became more important and my professional relationships with the art world of collectors, buyers, galleries, educators, and artists began to challenge me in new and different ways.

For many years I was privileged to work with and know many brilliant and creative people in my career. Now I felt part of a flow, where I was doing more than just learning and facilitating change. As a creator, I saw how I had influenced others. Life is a dance, an exchange of energy that keeps on giving. Mentoring allows us to help one another give with meaning. When we create we influence someone.

A special artist connection with ARABELLA Magazine evolved from our many hours of thought and effort. When you look back on your life’s work there is always research to fine tune. It is important to get the details just right. Memories of an artist can be so expressive and I really wanted to be as factual as possible. Many of the artists who have inspired me are no longer with us and so I found myself deep in nostalgia – remembering what they had accomplished and realizing how far I had come. My work as an artist and designer, the cities I have lived in and the places I have exhibited at were all special learning experiences.

Fast forward a few years, with snow on snow, long winters and short summers and my story has taken on new meaning. In the months between the first draft and the final version, I was working on 4 different painting series. A lot can change!

In this true spirit of collaboration, I am grateful for the opportunity to add my story and style to the Canadian Art collection that is ARABELLA. Imagine if all the hundreds of artists who rowed this same boat and countless issues could be together in the same room! It certainly feels like we are when I read the latest issue! Whether it be a digital edition or a print edition, there is a real love of art and it translates beautifully.

ARABELLA Magazine is a Canadian Art publication which appeals to many readers. What begins with artists, architects and interior designers grows and nurtures the affections of a vast readership. Subscribers are gallerists and gallerinas, collectors and curators, educators and students, writers and publishers alike. It is an honour to be a part of this much-loved issue featured with so many amazing artists and their art. Thank you and Happy Anniversary ARABELLA!!

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Shop Vida Design Collections Impactful for Tina Monod

pinot noir collection by tina monod - vida modal scarf

Shop Vida Artist, Tina Monod Licenses Her Art

Boldly Beautiful
Today I would like to talk about a new project, one that I have been growing for the past few months – my licensed art at Shop Vida! When someone or something inspires me, I translate that love into paint. Many layers of paint!! Art for me is a visual language. The pigments blend and the paint speaks. It becomes something to love… or what I call a tangible connection, a story made to last for all of time in various unique forms.

Vibrant in Nature
My purpose as an artist has always been to give life shape. Why, to make all things new, of course! Every painting I create tells a story with carefully cultivated details. Inspiration comes to me outside of the studio and often from my travels. My work is purposeful in that every journey weaves a narrative. When a painting is finished and is ready to hang in its new home, it communicates clearly to each viewer. Visual stories begin and form bridges, connecting a world of art collectors and appreciators to my art.

pinot noir collection by tina monod - shop vida modal scarf
Pinot Noir Collection by Tina Monod – Shop Vida Modal Scarf

A Gift of Art
I am a Designer, a maker, an entrepreneur – forever inspired by our storytelling culture. So much inspires my work past and present. You could say that I’m an energy seeker always inspiring others and living my dreams. My mother used to ask me “where do you get your ideas from?” My answer was “which one, I have so many ideas on the go, every day.” One process simply conditions another in the business of creativity. When I see that something is empty, I fill it. Where there is a tiny spark – I shine a light. When there is darkness, I light a fire. Art is a special love and a wonderful adventure.

pinot noir collection by tina monod - shop vida modal scarf
Pinot Noir Collection by Tina Monod – Shop Vida Modal Scarf

Opening Hearts + Minds
Art is so good for the soul. It can be entirely symbolic, capturing the energy of a time or place that was special in your life. Perhaps it was a person, a thing, or an event. It is the synchronicity of one or more of these things that make a collector fall in love with a painting. Art as a form of story is never finished for the artist. Everyone sees something different and adds their story to the layers. Building art and culture in our daily lives, homes and work environments can have such an incredible impact.

Contributing & Collaborating
The moment of purchasing an original work of art or a signed copy is full of excitement. The world of prints has a special purpose and is a doorway into the art world, with endless design preferences for decor and presentation. We cannot always own an original for various reasons. Sometimes what we want gets purchased by another collector or it was just not the right time in life to make the commitment of a purchase. Prints and reproductions offer many creative options for those who enjoy interior design, decorating trends and fashion.

pinot noir collection by tina monod - shop vida modal scarf
Pinot Noir Collection by Tina Monod – Shop Vida Modal Scarf

Artist Inspired Collections
Designing with Vida has taken my art to new levels. Seeing my art 3 dimensionally as men and women’s apparel is so wonderful. I find that the possibilities are endless. It is refreshing to see how a collection can go past the life cycle of the studio and exhibiting and still keep on giving. I enjoy being in the flow of creating and I also love the way that my art has taken on new life with products from home decor to wearable art!

An Exchange of Energy
Giving the gift of education and creating lasting change is important to me. For every product made, Vida offers literacy and education programs in their factories across the globe. Everything that is purchased online is custom ordered with zero waste. When you purchase my designs, you are also contributing to global impact. With my designs available for purchase online at – I do not have to stock inventory. Billing, shipping, customer service and payment is all taken care of by Vida.

Design Collections by Tina Monod

I began licensing my collections with 3 paintings that for me represented comfort and a special sense of home. These were fruit trees laden with apples or plums. They make me smile and when I saw the results with the products I knew that I had to go further and see how the collections could grow. Paintings of sunflowers and vineyards were my next exploration. People really love both. A few mountain paintings from the Canadian Rockies were also added. Here are all the Collections to date.

Orchard Harvests & Fruit Trees:
Simply Mac
Plum and Gold
Roman Beauty

Sunflower Forest
Love’s Melody
Sunflower Trios
Amazing Grace
A Thousand Suns
Golden Beauty
Suddenly Sunflowers

On the Vine
Pinot Noir
Pinot Gris

Beyond the Dream
Pure Magic

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Sentimental Journeys

true clarity and mystic cradles by tina monod, acrylic on gallery canvas 36x36x1.5 - sentimental journeys series - banff sojourns

Banff Sojourns

“Sentimental Journeys” is a series about a love for mountains. These new mountain culture paintings are a continuation from the series “Mapping the Great Divide”. The work is consistently vibrant in nature. “Wilderness Expressions” was the original spark for these images of altitude and elevation. What began with nocturne paintings, mountains and stars to wish upon, has lead me to paint uniquely and boldly beautiful, Canadian landscapes.

“Art is compassionate. It’s about life… loving, forgiving, nurturing. It’s about nature and connection. An unconditional love for the earth, the mountains. Every brush stroke is a flow of kindness, adding value to the moment.” – Tina Monod.

Sentimental Journeys

Sentimental Journeys is a collection of alpine landscapes painted with acrylics on to gallery wrapped canvas. Paintings are 24×24″ and 36×36″ with a depth of 1.5 – 1.75″ and a granite gray painted edge, ready for hanging. These paintings explore trails, both nostalgic and new. Their locations will forever be sentimental and special. This landscape series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod is about the beauty close and far, near and within Banff National Park and surrounding areas.

Mystic Cradles

True Clarity

Beyond the Dream

Pure Magic

Following Destiny

Bow Legends I

Bow Legends II

Peaceful Landmark

Deeper Wisdom

All in Balance

true clarity and mystic cradles by tina monod, acrylic on gallery canvas 36x36x1.75 - sentimental journeys series - banff sojourns
“True Clarity” and “Mystic Cradles” © Tina Monod, Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 36x36x1.75″ – Sentimental Journeys series – Banff Sojourns
beyond the dream and pure magic by tina monod, acrylic on gallery canvas 24x24x1.5 - sentimental journeys series - banff sojourns
“Beyond the Dream” and “Pure Magic” © Tina Monod, Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 24x24x1.5″ – Sentimental Journeys series – Banff Sojourns

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