Palliser Trail

Kicking Horse River – Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Every landscape is a vision of adventure and has a unique story to tell. The origins of Kicking Horse River begin with a geologist named Sir James Hector. From 1857-1860 he was part of the Palliser Expedition to explore or survey the open prairies and rugged wilderness of western Canada. As the team’s surgeon and geologist, James played an essential role in exploring new routes for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and discovering many new species of plants.

History tells us that in 1858 he was kicked by his packhorse at this beautiful river, high up in the Canadian Rockies of Southeastern British Columbia. Kicking Horse has attracted many explorers ever since. This painting is named “Palliser Trail” to honour the expedition and renew that sense of wonder… a feeling of something more, just down the path and around the river’s bend.

This river adds balance to a composition of sky, mountain and forest. Clouds in the top left rush in, sending a cool mountain breeze down the valley – to parallel the moving water. There is an easy flow from the mountains to river and from there life blossoms outwards. The river bank is vibrant in energy and feng shui. It is lush and inviting with rainbow colours and the brushwork is free flowing adding clarity. Freedom, balance and pure potential are strong emotional elements in this work of original art.

On Exhibit

Artwork will be displayed at Whitby Station Gallery from Dec 15, 2018 – Jan 20, 2019 in the exhibition “Perfect Moment.” Artist Tina Monod will donate $100 from this sale to the gallery. Click image for details.

Tina Monod, Acrylic on Gallery Canvas, 24x24x1.5″

Kicking Horse River, Yoho National Park, BC. Price of art includes 13% HST tax. $1056.64 + $137.36 HST = $1194.00.

Call to arrange pick up or arrange shipping. Shipping is separate and to be determined. Artwork will be displayed at Whitby Station Gallery Dec 15 – Jan 20, 2019 and must remain in the show for the exhibition duration. If sold, the buyer agrees to this and a pickup date will be set for Jan 21, 2019 or later for the purchaser to receive from the artist Tina Monod. Upon sale, the artist will donate $100 to the gallery.

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palliser trail by tina monod - acrylic on gallery canvas 24x24x2
“Palliser Trail” © Tina Monod, Acrylic on gallery canvas 24x24x2″

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