Chardonnay Senza Legno – Hubbs Creek Vintage

wine diamonds a best friend by tina monod - acrylic on gallery canvas 10x10x1.5
WINE DIAMONDS A BEST FRIEND, Acrylic painting on Gallery Canvas 10x10x1.5

Vintages of the County is a collection of wine-themed images painted by acrylic artist Tina Monod. Her paintings are created on to gallery canvas – sizes are 10×10” and 12×12” with a depth of 1.5″. Each work of art comes with a quinacridone burnt orange painted edge, ready for hanging. These mini paintings are sure to brighten many a home and will fit almost any wall space. Each original artwork explores the harvests and wine trails at Hubbs Creek Vineyard in Prince Edward County, Ontario. This series by Canadian artist and designer Tina Monod is about creating with joy, learning from the land and building a dream. It is also about love, family, and the time-honored tradition of creating wine.

Ripening Grapes

Aromatic Pinot Gris

With Delicious Wine A Celebration

Vineyard for the Senses

From the Heart of the Earth

Light Fruit on the Vine

Savour Time in a Bottle

Harvesting the Sun’s Golden Energy

Thriving Cultivation of Grapes

Grape Harvests and Wine Trails

Flourishing Under a Blue Sky